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EMI in alliance with other specialized companies and with its associated engineers and distributors offers technical services for Diagnostic Imaging products in the US and Latin America.

These include:

CT(GE), CATH LAB, Digital Subtraction Angiography, C Arms, Mammography Units, Portable X Rays, X Ray Rooms, Digital Radiography (Flat Panel and CCD), Portable DR, CR, PACS, Bone Densitometers, Ultrasound Units.

With its vast technical experience EMI can advise which equipment is the best option according to its quality, price, service availability, durability, affordability, operability, etc. EMI team works with international reputable companies to offer high-quality products with service support and warranty. Our team of engineers coordinate their work internationally to complete the installation and after sales services for each customer. It can also upgrade conventional X Ray systems to Digital DR.

CT Scanner Services

Your diagnostic scanner and scanner service requirements may change, depending on the size of your medical, varying patient loads, reallocation of financial resources and shifting areas of specialization.
Whatever your reason for removing or replacing an existing CAT scanner, installing a new GE CT scanner, investing in an CT upgrade or searching for scanner maintenance service, EMI Services has the technical talent and resources available when you need them.

We support you up front with top of the line 24/7 service or act as consultants to back up your in-house scanner operators and maintenance personnel. EMI provides only the services you request and remains as flexible as necessary to match your requirements. Our outstanding CT service separates EMI from brokers and equipment dealers.

Customized Scanner Service Contracts

Since needs differ from facility to facility, we offer individualized and non-conventional contract types. We are as flexible as necessary when providing scanner equipment or service. We offer a shared risk plan, for example, where customers ultimately determine the percent of participation, they are comfortable with. We also offer a 24/7 service contract with no overtime.

A popular service contract option is a CAP contract. For a monthly or quarterly fee, EMI provides periodic maintenance, free phone support, guaranteed emergency response and a lower rate on time and materials. The CAP contract includes replacement scanner parts discounted an average 40% to 80% over OEM pricing. In addition, we guarantee a CAP on the billing over the year. Billing is minimized if the equipment has little down time. If the equipment experiences a long down situation, the CAP covers you from going over budget for the entire year.

1. GE CT and Mobile CT Service

EMI Services is a GE CT service provider. This has been our mission since the company started and remains our special area of expertise. We do not limit ourselves to one line, however. EMI OEM- trained engineers provide servicing for many other CT scanner makes and models. Whatever your line or system, EMI engineers remain dedicated to keeping it in top condition at the most reasonable cost.

2. Tube Service Contracts

EMI offers the best alternative and most cost-effective choice for tube service because our flexible contracts are based on known usage and wear values. For instance, we are able to calculate how long a CT scanner x-ray tube will last depending on the number of times used and total images taken per day at your facility. We can provide the lowest tube pricing because of the volume of tubes we sell. In addition, we have the expertise to install and calibrate the tubes in your equipment.

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Visiting the Tube Refurbishing Plant

3. Scanner Refurbishing Services

The refurbishing process starts by disassembling the scanner. Then we rebuild the entire scanner system from the ground up. We give it a fresh coat of paint, exchange parts and components, and adjust the scanner mechanically and electronically. A refurbished scanner system from EMI looks and performs like new because we fully test it in our facility before it is delivered to you. Every scanner system refurbished at EMI performs within the accreditation criteria established by the ACR (American College of Radiology). This ensures an installation free of complications and a quicker start to operation. In addition, EMI service engineers follow up closely with you regarding the system.

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Visiting the CT Refurbishing Warehouse

4. Consulting Services

Before signing off on a new piece of equipment, consider using EMI consulting service to evaluate your intended upgrade purchase. Our experts will help you save money by presenting you with the information needed to make the decision on the right upgrade scanner for your facility. And when it is time for a scanner upgrade, EMI will present you with a written quote on purchasing and de-installing your existing equipment.

5. Site Planning Service

During construction planning or upgrade project planning, EMI Services consults with you on issues such as cost, space for new scanner, scanner longevity, durability, future operation, and maintenance. EMI Services will help you make the best choices while keeping the project within your budget parameters. EMI engineers visit the facility to check out the space where the unit will be placed. We collaborate with your project team, the architect, builder, electricians, and where necessary suggest modifications, such as adjusting room dimensions. We present you with a rough CAD drawing to ensure proper space for the scanner unit within the build-out. This means EMI saves you unnecessary costs up front, ensures a smooth installation, and shortens the shakeout time after installation.

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