The Evolution of DR vs CR Technology

DR OR CR? With the use of the new technology the X-Ray Film was shift to two choices for Digital Radiography Systems: Computed Radiography (CR) that use phosphor plates that goes into a reader to convert the data into a digital image. Digital Radiography (DR) that use Flat Panels to convert X Rays into digital […]
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History of CT Scanner

CT SCANNERS The CT Scanner is part of a specific area of radiologic technology. With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into Diagnostic Imaging Equipment these modalities develop at accelerated pace providing better images in shorter times and in some cases producing the images with more accurate diagnosis.  
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Choosing the Right CT Equipment

Choosing the Right CT Equipment Are you stuck deciding what’s better for you in the long term? Which brand? How many Slices? Which Price? We work with some of the best refurbishing companies in the US. They transform the preowned equipment into almost new, optimizing it for greater efficiency! We can tailor your CT Scanner […]
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Tubes for Diagnostics Equipment

Every imaging diagnostic equipment uses an X-Ray tube, and this tube doesn’t last forever. At some point you will need to replace it for a new one or have it refurbished. Our partners are specialized engineers with patented processes to renovate the X-Ray Tubes for CT, CATH LAB and X-RAY systems. Click to see video […]
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Evolution of Digital Radiography

DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY Radiology has advanced from a scientific curiosity to a medical necessity. The traditional X-ray was first discovered in the late 19th century by German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen.  “When Röntgen held a piece of lead in front of the electron-discharge tube, it blocked the rays, but he was shocked to see his own flesh glowing […]
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